Facebook’s “25 Things”

Whether it’s appropriate or not, here’s my ‘25 things’ as posted on Facebook. This way you little more about me, and when you comment, I learn a little more about you! 😉 Don’t forget to ‘friend me’ on Facebook – and Rosie – THIS GOES FOR YOU TOO! 🙂

1. I raced everyone in my grade (even raced the yard duties and custodians) to win the title of “Fastest Girl in Fourth Grade”.

2. I dated a guy with O.C.D. and it drove me crazy. We were late to everything because he had to comb his eyebrows and iron his jeans before we left.pic

3. I must always have chapstick on my lips. I reapply hourly.

4. I used to think that ‘workaholics’ were ridiculous. Who would EVER want to inflict more work on themselves than was necessary. This week I realized I DO. So now I deserve good retirement gifts.

5. If the bed is against the wall, I will not sleep on that side because of the spiders.

6. When I’m mad, I cry – and I hate it.

7. I am terrified of being lazy. For this reason I cannot enjoy: sleeping in, watching TV, taking naps, or relaxing.

8. I am the youngest of seven children. My brother is 17 years older than me.

9. I was voted ‘Most Likely to be President’ in 8th grade.

10. I met my husband at 18 and I got married at 19. I’m convinced my co-workers thought I was pregnant and was getting married to cover it up. Just happens that I found him early, and getting married was the best decision I’ve ever made. We have so much fun together.

11. I think it’s unfortunate that people think they need to get married or have kids to be happy.

12. When we were younger, I would do my sister Paige’s Art homework, and she would do my Math homework.

13. I think a true friend is someone I can eat a Starburst with: you eat all the reds and pinks, I eat all the oranges and yellows.

14. Going to a GREAT movie for the first time is my favorite thing to do – however you don’t know you’ve done it until it’s over.

15. I’m terrified of airplanes.

16. I’m the Yahtzee QUEEN.

17. I’m turning into my mother… good thing is my mother is hip, understanding, relaxed, and ready to party.

18. I miss going dancing.

19. I wish I were better at cooking, and I wish I liked running.

20. I wish I owned a letterpress.

21. Married for nearly 6 years, and I have NEVER flatulated in front of my husband.

22. I want to eat cookies everyday. Sometimes I do.

23. When I was born, my parents were expecting the boy they thought they were having. I went home in a baseball onesy, and my name was going to be Ryan.

24. I go in phases, red hair, brown hair, tongue ring, short hair, blonde hair… I get bored easily.

25. I’ve owned three homes by 24. Oh, the lessons you learn in real estate.

Pattern Tips from Stacy and Clinton

As I was trying to break in the couch by going out of my way to watch a little TV {wink}, I caught an episode of ‘What Not To Wear’ on TLC. what not to wearI know my mom loves watching that show, and if I indulged myself a little more to watch TV more often, I probably would too. They have really great style tips that I think are worth knowing. On one of last week’s episodes, Stacy and Clinton gave pattern advice to their ’student’. I thought it was very appropriate to how we decorate our homes. Here are their 3 rules of thumb:

• Neutrals are black, tan, gray, navy and green and can be combined together in any shade.
• Neutrals can be mixed with any color or pattern.
• Other colors and patterns can be mixed together if the same colors are present within the color palette.

This is a really good way to measure the colors and patterns in your home. Don’t get hung up on mixing blues and blacks or reds and pinks, etc… there are much fewer rules to decorating than you think. I myself am breaking a few of these rules in my home, but that’s just how I like my home to look. So, a la Stacy and Clinton, if you are going to do pattern in your home – the patterns can be different if they contain similar colors. They’re right! See if it applies in your decorating…

“Not an Option”

This print was requested by my high school friend, Lydia. She was in need of a motivating poster that said ‘Not an Option.’ Here is what Lydia said:

When I was in school and I had a hard time getting up early or doing my
home work, periodically I would write on my hand or wrist “not an option“. That would remind me throughout the day that going to school or doing my homework is not optional. I have
to do it. For some reason in my brain certain things are optional and
other things aren’t. I spend a lot of time convincing myself to make
important things set in stone. Not optional.

The Design

Lydia is a very inspired person. She loves photography and composition. I knew that the poster could have a deeper meaning for her. I took Van Gogh’s Iris painting:


Took it into Photoshop and used the Mosaic Filter to pull out the colors of the painting.

Then used the eyedropper tool to pull out some greens. When I think of Lydia, I think of green – because she has great crazy red hair, beautiful freckles, and she looks really great in green.

Perhaps this print could motivate you? I’ll be posting these in my shop this week.

Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillows

My mother’s children and their spouses total 12 people, so naturally we instated a gift exchange for Christmas several years ago. This year, my brother Lane drew my name. I was only privy to this fact a few days before Christmas when I saw the beautifully wrapped gift under the tree at my mother’s house. This excited me for many reasons, one of which is just because I love, love, LOVE my brother Lane. Let me give you a quick run-down on him:

1. He and my sister Paige compete for my attention to earn the title of ‘funniest sibling’. Now this may aggrivate my other siblings, but I made the title, so therefore I make the rules. For each funny quip, Lane or Paige is awarded a ‘1′ or a ‘2′… ‘2′ meaning the quip will be laughed about for days. For some reason Lane and Paige haven’t given this up, and it has been going on for years now. And I, of course, LOVE the attention.

2. Lane is an amazing dancer. He dances for BODYVOX in Portland, Oregon, who specializes in modern dance that is both beautiful and fun. Lane is breathtaking and his choreography is unmatched in emotion. SQUARED is a piece that was choreographed by Lane and performed by him and the beautiful Laura Haney. You have to watch it – it is breathtaking.

3. His name: Lane Hunter is synonymous with Path Finder and Way Seeker.

4. Lane is also a graphic designer and although he would deny it, an interior designer too. His home in Portland is filled with self-upholstered furnishings, murals, and faux wood. I keep asking him to send photos, but I might need to go over there and take them myself!

5. HE MADE ME AN AMY BUTLER GUM DROP PILLOW… and oh how I love it. THANK YOU LANE! I love my new gum drop buttons, er, pillow, and I will definitely make another one to keep it company!