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Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillows

My mother’s children and their spouses total 12 people, so naturally we instated a gift exchange for Christmas several years ago. This year, my brother Lane drew my name. I was only privy to this fact a few days before Christmas when I saw the beautifully wrapped gift under the tree at my mother’s house. This excited me for many reasons, one of which is just because I love, love, LOVE my brother Lane. Let me give you a quick run-down on him:

1. He and my sister Paige compete for my attention to earn the title of ‘funniest sibling’. Now this may aggrivate my other siblings, but I made the title, so therefore I make the rules. For each funny quip, Lane or Paige is awarded a ‘1′ or a ‘2′… ‘2′ meaning the quip will be laughed about for days. For some reason Lane and Paige haven’t given this up, and it has been going on for years now. And I, of course, LOVE the attention.

2. Lane is an amazing dancer. He dances for BODYVOX in Portland, Oregon, who specializes in modern dance that is both beautiful and fun. Lane is breathtaking and his choreography is unmatched in emotion. SQUARED is a piece that was choreographed by Lane and performed by him and the beautiful Laura Haney. You have to watch it – it is breathtaking.

3. His name: Lane Hunter is synonymous with Path Finder and Way Seeker.

4. Lane is also a graphic designer and although he would deny it, an interior designer too. His home in Portland is filled with self-upholstered furnishings, murals, and faux wood. I keep asking him to send photos, but I might need to go over there and take them myself!

5. HE MADE ME AN AMY BUTLER GUM DROP PILLOW… and oh how I love it. THANK YOU LANE! I love my new gum drop buttons, er, pillow, and I will definitely make another one to keep it company!

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