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“Not an Option”

This print was requested by my high school friend, Lydia. She was in need of a motivating poster that said ‘Not an Option.’ Here is what Lydia said:

When I was in school and I had a hard time getting up early or doing my
home work, periodically I would write on my hand or wrist “not an option“. That would remind me throughout the day that going to school or doing my homework is not optional. I have
to do it. For some reason in my brain certain things are optional and
other things aren’t. I spend a lot of time convincing myself to make
important things set in stone. Not optional.

The Design

Lydia is a very inspired person. She loves photography and composition. I knew that the poster could have a deeper meaning for her. I took Van Gogh’s Iris painting:


Took it into Photoshop and used the Mosaic Filter to pull out the colors of the painting.

Then used the eyedropper tool to pull out some greens. When I think of Lydia, I think of green – because she has great crazy red hair, beautiful freckles, and she looks really great in green.

Perhaps this print could motivate you? I’ll be posting these in my shop this week.

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